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Self-Love. Conscious Eating. True Healing.

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Calibrate your mind, body & soul through a wide assortment of self-care, self-love and self empowerment workshops.


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Created with love to nourish mind, body, and soul.


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Unplug from your life. Connect to your soul. Bask in beauty. Love.Eat.Heal.


"I believe love will heal the world but it must start with loving yourself. I believe we eat more than just food. We consume media, information , etc. I believe everyone needs to heal something. Work with me to discover the changes necessary to achieve self-love, conscious eating, and true healing."
- Carole Murko, Founder LoveEatHeal

Hi! I'm Carole,

Certified Health Coach & Mindset Expert

Why LoveEatHeal?

These three words, Love, Eat, Heal are the key to a peaceful, harmonious, and thriving life.

LOVE yourself First

The root of most of the ills of the planet is a lack of love. Not romantic love, but self-love. A love of YOU – your DIVINE essence, your whole being, your inside and outside.


Through my blog and my programs, I will take you on a journey to discover how to love yourself first. 


EAT Consciously

Eating consciously is an act of self-love.

To truly dine on food. To thank it. To relish it. To honor it. To understand the energetics of cooking with love in your heart. To connect with the consciousness of what you are eating. Might I also add that when we are conscious of what we are digesting around us such as news, and information overload, it is an act of self-love.


I'll have fun sharing recipes, my experience with plants and plant medicine, and how becoming more aware of how and what you eat can shift your consciousness.

HEAL what needs to be HEALED

We all have something to heal. From trauma, disease, accidents. From broken hearts, tragedies, or from the dysfunction of modern life.


When you LOVE yourself first and Eat consciously, Healing happens.

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Are you ready to...

Take better care of yourself?

Learn how to be more loving to you?

Unlock your full potential?

Then work with me to discover the changes necessary to achieve self-love, conscious eating, and true healing!


I have made such progress in the changes I needed to make internally, mentally and emotionally, and physically  that the pain in my knee has diminished and continues to diminish each day I practice. I am achieving mastery of thinking myself away from old beliefs, patterns and habits that no longer serve me, or ever served me. I sleep well again with no pain and walking more and more each day. I am in great gratitude of Carole Murko for giving me the wisdom and confidence  to heal myself from within.

Under Carole Murko's thoughtful, sensitive guidance, I was able to complete a project I've been meaning to do since my Grandmother passed away in 1992: put together a family keepsake of cherished recipes that might otherwise have been lost, a unique and invaluable gift, that will last for generations.

Through this process, I've not only reconnected with many, many 'old friends' in my kitchen, I have also captured the stories that gently cocoon those friends, warming my heart throughout the years and bringing joy to so many gatherings.  I've also learned that it's great fun to write about food - not only critiques, but the back-story, the genesis, and the emotional connection.  And I'm fairly good at it!!  What an utter pleasure it's been to share this journey with women who have equally great stories to share, all the while encouraging each other, asking questions, and having more memories stirred up!

- Amy Holich Moscaritolo
- Victoria
- Stephanie Ann Smith

Trained and Certified

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My Gift To You -
Heirloom Meals 10 Soup Recipe Guide!

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