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Bring your mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony

Tens of Thousands Have Experienced Extraordinary Results. You Will Too!
• Less stress and more energy
•Improved sleep and mental sharpness

• Weight loss and reduction of body fat
• Improved blood work and lower blood pressure
• Relief from frequent urination, allergies, PMS
• Improved digestion
• Resolve issues like bloating, joint pain, back pain

A message from program creator, Grand Master Nan Lu:

“I believe most of us do not realize the strong role stress plays in health and weight problems. I have designed Dragon’s Way Qigong to show you how and why it does.Deeply rooted in the traditional Chinese medicine principle of prevention, this program teaches skills that will enable you to maintain newly gained levels of health. My hope is that you will make the Dragon’s Way a life long practice.”

- Grand Master Nan Lu

Receive the blueprint to a healthy, harmonious and balanced life

The Dragons Way Qigong program has four prongs:

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 10 powerful Wu Ming Qigong movements designed to awaken the body’s natural healing ability

These movements, while deceptively simple, when done correctly and daily, are the key to the success of the entire program. As I mentioned, we are energy beings and imbalances within our bodies occur because our energy pathways are not flowing properly. One of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles is the body never lies. These movements help release energy blocks to reveal where we are stuck. It’s a beautiful, fluid process of discovery to use these movements to connect to your body and decode what’s going on

Eating for healing

We focus on the essence of the suggested foods and how they relate to our body and its intelligence. I love this part. As a gourmet cook, herbalist, and gardener, I know plants carry nature’s wisdom. We will discover how the essence of certain foods can help the body come back into balance. For instance, long ago in my 20’s we were told to avoid watermelon as it contained too much sugar. In recent years watermelon has been one of my favorite healing foods, especially juicing the entire watermelon. In TCM, watermelon helps reduce internal heat. Intuitively, I knew watermelon was good for me to help tame the inflation I have in my body. The eating for healing program has shown me how trust my body and intuition.

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We pull all of it together by evaluating our lifestyles

To do this we delve into the Five Element Consciousness Framework. In TCM, we believe our bodies are part of the universe and the natural world. We are divine children of the universe. The five elements are water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. Each is associated with an organ system:

Wood equals the liver/gallbladder

Fire equals the heart/small intestine

Earth equals the spleen/stomach

Metal equals the lung/large intestine

Water equals the kidney/the bladder

Each organ system is associated with a season, a sense, a color, and a task; each organ system is interrelated and connected with the other with either a nurturing relationship or a cooperative relationship.

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Last, but not least are the herbal supplements

The herbs are plant medicine and offer additional support to help the body improve its energy flow and Qi. I actually grow a lovely plant medicine garden myself. So taking herbs are a natural part of my routine.


There are three herbal formulas, created by Grand Master Lu to support you on this journey. They carry amazing healing essences much like the foods we are eating.They carry all of the elements of nature within them.

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We are going to have so much fun working with movements, the foods and exploring the five-element consciousness framework, and our lifestyle together.

"I was drawn to this program many years ago, but life brought me in a myriad of other directions, the biggest of which has been a healing journey. While I have physical symptoms and a name for what’s happening within my body, I just knew that this disease showed up as my teacher. To open me up to and explore my thoughts, my beliefs, my behaviors and to figure out how to align with my life‘s purpose. Studying the Wu Ming Qigong style with Grand Master Lu has been a gift and a privilege. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be one of his Dragon’s Way Qigong instructors."
Carole Murko, Facilitator

Join the 6 week program today!
(each session meets for 1 hour per week)

Week One–Everything is Energy
Week Two–It’s all about the Liver
Week Three–The Kidney
(Your Energy Tank)
Week Four-Spleen and Stomach
(Your Energy Generators)
Week Five–Lung (Let it GO)
Week Six–Heart (The King of all Organs)


Cost: $229* 

(Includes workbook and free video download)
April Waitlist

*Herbs are optional and can either be purchased in our 1st class together, or ordered online. Once you are registered I will send a link.

Certified Dragon’s Way Instructors have completed hundreds of hours of rigorous training in Chinese medicine principles and have achieved a level of self-cultivation through Qigong practice that allows them to share this ancient wisdom. They are individuals with the passion to inspire others as they too discover a new relationship with health and wellness. With Grand Master Lu’s final approval, each instructor is given permission to share theDragon’s Way Qigong program in their communities.This training program is offered only under the auspices of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation and the direct guidance of Grand Master Nan Lu.

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"All healing happens on the invisible level. Nothing is in isolation. What shows on the outside is a reflection of your internal environment."
- Grand Master Nan Lu