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Meet Carole

Certified Health Coach, Mindset Expert, NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant, Qigong Instructor & Founder of Love. Eat. Heal

Don’t roll your eyes. Stay with me and hear me out. What do you think matters most in the world? Learning to love yourself first and as such becoming an example for others to love themselves. When you unabashedly shine brightly, you give permission to others to join the love train. 

I worked for 15 years in a competitive dog-eat-dog environment. It was soul-crushing, so I left. My first post-financial services career endeavor was to create a company called Dodo Unlimited, which used the dodo bird to represent: Don’t let your individualism become extinct dare to be different. My soul message spoke through an extinct bird. That was in the late 1990s. 

But I digress. My passion for learning and reinvention kept going. I became an interior designer, then moved to the country and became a real estate broker (not my cup of tea). My passion for cooking and family spawned Heirloom Meals, a 10+ year journey with an NPR radio show, PBS specials, and a content-rich web presence. Oh, and I became a stepmom during that time as well. 

"I believe with my entire being that love will save the world."

In the midst of it all, my body was beginning to show signs of imbalance. I, of course, ignored them and carried on. This is how I was taught to do it; muscle through life, rise above, stiff upper lip, smile if I’m dying, etc. 

And then BAM -- life became difficult. More signs I wasn’t invincible. My businesses were floundering, Heirloom Meals suffered some major setbacks, my beloved dog died, and WAMO, I was diagnosed with a crazy theoretically incurable disease.


There’s more to the story obviously, but you get the drift. Something needed to change. My golden touch was tarnished and my power-through-anything ways were no longer working.

Me and my Bees.jpg

So what’s love got to do with this – EVERYTHING! 

That faint, but ever-present voice inside of me began to get louder. “Carole, you need to take care of you. You need to be loving to you. You need not prove anything or seek outside accolades. You my dear, hold all the answers within your heart.”


If you are a corporation, a company or an organization reading this…. Yes, you. And you are shaking your head about the love thing – you need this more than anyone. 

If you are a spiritual self-improvement explorer, but keep living the same life – you need this. 

If you are stressed, you definitely need this. 


And “This” is what I needed – I needed to learn to love myself first. To hold space when love appeared to be absent and when fear wanted to rule my thoughts. 


And that’s when the magic began to happen. My teachers showed up. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Grandmaster Nan Lu. Mike Dooley. My herbal teacher, Rochelle Baca, Shaman, naturopaths, homeopaths, functional medical doctors, plant medicine, my garden, cold immersion, breathwork and so much more.

Along this journey I have found that the process to self mastery is: 

An inside job. 

A practice. 

The work of my life.

It is what changed my life.

This process of self-mastery requires only three things: practice, practice, practice and I am teaching the tools I now practice daily in my personal journey of self-mastery.

What I Have Learned

  • We are born to live joyful lives

  • Our hearts hold all the answers

  • The answers lie within

  • When we quiet our minds, our hearts can listen

  • When we love ourselves, we can love everyone

  • When we try to fit in or conform, it creates disharmony

  • Complaining and judging is low vibration

  • Fear is the absence of love

  • Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership

  • The unknown never lets us down

My goal is to help you feel happiness, joy, wholeness, freedom, and love, of course.

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