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Welcome To Boulderwood

A home built 123 years ago out of native fieldstone and timber, situated perfectly southwest to take in the sunshine but not be blinded by the sunsets.

How does one describe paradise?


Perhaps it’s the quiet. Or the sounds of hawks, owls, or frogs. Or the fresh air. Or the view. Oh, the view - rolling hills connecting to a wildlife swamp in the foreground, framed by Beartown State Forest and Monument Mountain with Mt Everett in the distance. Rain or shine – the view does not get old. The morning fog that leaves droplets of water on spider webs that would otherwise remain undetected.

Or the spring water out the back door. Or the cows and horses that dot the property. Or the boulders that hold an ancient energy.

BWF Fall 2016.jpg

The cypress-paneled living room provides a message we all need to hear:
“And this Our Life, Exempt from Public Haunt, Finds Tongues in Trees, Books in the Running Brooks, Sermons in Stones, GOOD in EVERYTHING.” 

And indeed, there is good in everything!

You begin to retreat from your life, the moment you step foot in the front door where the view pulls you toward it and yet the house’s details begin to touch you one by one – the unusual fountain in the front hall, the leaded glass windows, and window seats in the living room and kitchen.


Imagine perching yourself on one – reading a book, listening to music, or meditating.

The bedrooms are spacious. Each bedroom has its own character and you will certainly find one that pleases you. We have heard people say they sleep like a rock here. We call it the Boulderwood sleep coma…

Boulderwood is aptly named. Glacial errata are scattered across the sloping hillside and the woods/forest frame the rear and sides of the property. The property is private but not secluded. Boulderwood is accessed up a ½ mile driveway that curves through the property. Once at the house, guests can take in the view and the 75 acres. Step outside the back door and enjoy private hiking trails or take a short walk down the road to explore the unique and captivating Ice Glen Trail System and Laura’s Tower. Either way, you are sure to unwind on these pristine grounds.

The quiet. A comfortable bed. What can be better than to be graced by the chance to rest one’s head in such a magical place?

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