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Embodying the Dragon: My Journey with Dragon’s Way Qigong®

One of the most fascinating tools in my self-healing toolkit is qigong. I have always had an interest in the martial arts. I was a student of kung fu and tai chi sword in my 30’s, and I even got tossed around on the mat trying my hand at aikido.

Dragon’s Way Qigong® showed up in my life in 2012. I took it because I was curious. I knew qigong was a medical martial art. I wondered how it differed from my tai chi and kung fu practices. I quickly learned that it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Subtle movements were having a huge impact on my weight, my energy, and my mood. I stuck with it for a couple of years. And then moved on. I came back to it during my healing journey. In 2022, I applied to become an instructor and it’s one of the best things I have ever done.

Grand Master Nan Lu created the Dragon’s Way as a program to both embody the wisdom of his master’s lineage and all the masters before him, as well as meet the challenges of modern American life. Grand Master Nan Lu is the holder of two powerful well respected lineages which link to Chuang Tzu and Lao-Tzu (the author of the Tao de Ching).

The program offers a unique well-rounded approach that combines 10 powerful qigong movements, eating for healing, herbal support, and lifestyle analysis using the 5-elements consciousness framework. I practice this every day and I use the 5-element consciousness framework to understand how my body never lies. Our bodies are constantly in communication with us. The program is designed to help the body get back into balance and harmony.

Five Element Consciousness Framework
Five Element Consciousness Framework

I recently attended an advanced training with Grand Master Nan Lu and 17 other instructors to hone our movements, our teaching skills, and our ability to “see.” And to hopefully get approved to teach online. (we did!)

Our group ended up practicing the dragon toe-dance for what seemed like an eternity. It is the first move in our 10-move sequence. It turns out the dragon's toe dance was the group's Achilles heel. This foundational exercise became our clarion call both as instructors and for each of us to individually recognize the subtle and important aspects of our practices.

Could we tune into this one move and recognize it embodies everything we need to know and teach about the program?

This one move connects us to the liver which is the gateway to healing 80% of modern diseases. The toe itself stimulates the liver meridian. The liver/gallbladder organ system represents flexibility. We do circles with our big toe touching the floor and then move the ankle, knee, and hip in a circle. Our ability to create a smooth circle proved to be challenging. Could we not see that if our circles were choppy, we could not be in harmony? It’s a sign our liver function is out of balance and provides the first clue on how the five-element consciousness system works.

Once we begin to break it down, we can begin to create more fluid circles. We could begin to tune into the consciousness of our toe dance, and how it relates to our liver. We tune into the information our body is sharing with us. And then imagine, how can I support my liver function? What emotions are coming up? Can I allow them to flow in and then out? And then imagine by doing the dragon’s toe dance, can I transform into a flying magical dragon. Can I embody the essence of the dragon?

Each of the 10 Dragons’ Way Qigong® movements holds the same promise. I can see it is a privilege and an honor to have chosen this opportunity to teach such a lineage of wisdom. As I embody it more deeply, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, I see the potential. I become the potential.

If you are looking for natural healing, Dragon’s Way Qigong® can help you for the rest of your life.

Share your own experiences with qigong or natural healing in the comments below! We'd love to hear your stories and insights.

Ready to explore the transformative power of Dragon's Way Qigong® for yourself? Join our waiting list for our upcoming workshops and start your journey to natural healing today!


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