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REFLECTIONS on my TED LASSO binge-watch

The world feels heavy. So much pain. It’s in the collective consciousness right now.

Are we being asked to grieve, to weep, to hold it, or to carry it? I wonder, what are we really being asked to do? Every corner I turn, it’s there.

Even the feel-good movie, Ted Lasso, didn’t ignore pain. It didn’t ignore the stuff in people's heads. It didn’t ignore the quest for romantic love and connection. It didn’t ignore our flaws or eccentricities, our keen differences, or our vulnerabilities. By not bypassing pain, and longing, Ted Lasso celebrated our humanity, our hearts, our differences, our desires to be whole and accepted, our desire to be good at the very core of our beings, our desire to be loved for who we are, and never to stop trying to be our absolute best selves.

That quest is not a straight line. It’s a wild ride, actually.

How do we show up in this world reeling in pain? This world full of hate. This world full of killing, and guns, and terrorism. Full of Racism, antisemitism, and even more hate.

The only answer I can find is with love. With the quest for oneness and peace and kindness and empathy, and, and, and. But why does it seem elusive to achieve it?

So, I ask myself, how do I show up? How do I navigate the hidden fears created by the energetic zeitgeist of unease?

I think it’s to state it. To not ignore it while doing the work of the heart. To honor the pain. The hurt. But we don’t need to become it. We can grieve it. Weep for it. But it’s not ours to hold. Ours is to find peace in our heart. Love in our hearts. The wholeness of all of our pieces. To balance our yin and yang. To balance, the divine feminine with the divine masculine.

To be the light. To offer a healing path to those whom only you can speak to or to those whom can hear and resonate with your message, your words.

Forgiveness is the path forward. First of yourself. For judging yourself, loathing yourself, not feeling enough or seeing or trying to be perfect or or or.

And then compassion. Compassion for all humans. We have no idea what’s rolling around in anyone’s head. What they were taught, how they were conditioned, or what trauma is stored in their body.

Acts of kindness. A smile. Eye to Eye connection. A hug. A beam of love from your heart to theirs. To catch yourself in a judgy thought and stop it. Turn it into curiosity. Turn it into ascension, ascending from judgment to compassion on the path to find a glimmer of the divine spark within yourself.

Make it your choice to be kind. To be curious.

I am asking myself, to step up, show up, voice it. Stare the ugly hate in the face. Feel the feels. Stand in the fire of confusion, of disbelief, of chaos. But I won’t linger there because I know love is the only path forward.

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Hi Carole, What a lovely piece! The world seems so negative right now, and this reminded me that the only peace I can create comes from within me. Karl

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