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When the Student is Ready...

I didn’t exactly know I was ready. I was, however, readying…

A rare, theoretically incurable eye disease came knocking. My first instinct was to throw myself on the sword of the western medical model. My secret plea, “Please fix me!”

I was abdicating my power to a paradigm of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic testing, impersonal doctors and technicians, and a potential lifetime of experimental drug cocktails.

I wasn’t seeking any specific teachers. I was open to ideas, to alternatives - diet changes, supplements, acupuncture, akashic record readings, angel healers, shaman, body workers…I was open to all of that and more. These were all bringing their version of healing to me. And they all helped. However, the universe knew even better…It introduced me to teachers and concepts that allowed me to tap into the healer within myself.

In this next series of blog posts, I will be sharing the teachers who showed up. How they showed up. What I learned and why I am now teaching their work.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

To be clear, I am not a follower, a groupie, or attracted to cult-type leaders. I am, however, open to who shows up for me. I wasn’t looking for a spiritual teacher. I wasn’t looking to meditate. I wasn’t looking for Dr. Joe Dispenza. I hadn’t watched The Secret nor What the Bleep Do We Know. I rarely watched YouTube. It’s safe to say I basically tripped into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s world.

It started at a writing workshop at Kripalu, taught by my dear friend Nancie Aronie. To her writing prompt, The Hardest Thing, I wrote about the prospect of becoming blind. A lovely woman came bounding over me after I read my piece and asked, “Do you know Dr. Joe Dispenza?” My response was, “No, Is he at MA Eye and Ear?” Funny where my head was at.

She mentioned that he offered retreats where they did healings… I wrote down his name in my journal; I ordered a couple of his books and dove into his world of healing yourself with your thoughts. And meditation. I confess, his meditations were weird. His books made sense, but I moved on, so I thought.

Until, one day while teaching an anti-inflammatory cooking class at the Nantucket Culinary Center, one of my students suggested I check out Dr. Joe Dispenza. I decided to revisit his meditations. But, still, I thought, this isn’t for me.

A few months later, we were hosting Thanksgiving and my stepdaughter asked me if we could host her future mother-in-law for Thanksgiving. Now mind you, I have never met or spoken to this woman (Nancie Yonker is now one of my besties.) And there she was holding Dr. Joe’s newest book in front of her face. She said, “Have you heard of this guy?”

Three times. Three times. The universe was more than nudging me to focus on Dr. Joe’s work. It was demanding that I focus on it!! I don’t take these types of signs lightly. I was all in!!

Here’s what I began to unpack and what I was exposed to:

Quantum Physics.

The Quantum Field.

Brain wave states.

The void.

Becoming nothing to become everything.

To tune into a clear intention and marry it to an elevated emotion.

How to activate your pineal gland through a breathwork practice that pumps cerebral spinal fluid up to your brain to create the piezoelectric effect.

I learned about electroencephalography, unity consciousness, oneness, divine love, and co-creating.

I learned about energy centers and low-vibing/high-vibing emotions.

I read provocative books about ancient masters, epigenetics, EFT tapping, surrendering, and letting go.

I learned about my own thoughts.

I learned about the biology and neuroscience of our thoughts.

I learned Newtonian physics is debunked.

I learned we are 99.99999% energy which, by default makes us all energy

Einstein E=mc2 is spot on.

I learned to meditate.

And I learned to observe my thoughts.

I learned about how I am addicted to some thoughts and feelings and that I can break the habit of being myself.

I learned to believe, behave, and become.

This work. This wisdom began to transform my health. I took myself off of all pharmaceuticals and began to see my symptoms disappear, one by one.

I believe I was guided to teach this work - to take others on a journey to become or to create the best versions of themselves. To find the healer within themselves.

Why Dr. Joe inspires me...

Dr. Joe is earnest and is driven to raise the vibration of the planet. Dr. Joe uses the modern language of science to teach how to reach mystical states through meditation.

I have a rational mind. I was brought up within the paradigm of the scientific method of inquiry. Dr. Joe teaches the science, the what and the why, so the how gets easier. I love that our brains, hearts and bodies are made to experience elevated states of consciousness. We just weren’t taught this. It is not common curriculum in most school systems.

Dr. Joe demystifies meditation as a tool to help us create our lives, to heal our lives, and to live as the greatest expression of ourselves.

I became an official Dr. Joe Dispemza certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant in 2020. Teaching this work is among my greatest joys. The specific program I teach is called, Change Your Mind…Create New Results to groups, to corporate leaders and their staff, to individuals who want a deeper, more personalized dive into how to create the life of their dreams or heal themselves.

Please schedule a discovery call if you would like to learn more,

OR join me at Kripalu on January 5-7, 2024.

The next blog will be about my Qigong master, Grand Master Lu.

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